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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoPad?

GoPad gives you smartphone mobility and laptop productivity in a single device, by allowing you to 'wear' your iPad or tablet and effectively use it hands free.

While you’re in motion, you can either snap the GoPad open to use the touchscreen or else snap it shut to carry the tablet like a shoulder-bag, or flat against your body.

When you stop at a desk, the GoPad’s integrated stand deploys instantly for increased productivity. If you connect to a keyboard, mouse and monitor then your desktop experience is like using a laptop.

How does the GoPad attach to the tablet?

The GoPad has an elegant and versatile mounting solution. It uses 3M Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fastener to grip the tablet, it forms a tight bond with more than enough strength for this mission-critical joining task.

The beauty of using Dual-Lock is that it enables the GoPad to fit a wide variety of tabletsizes.

How does the GoPad protect the tablet?

All tablet owners fear dropping and breaking their device and the GoPad has many features to protect the tablet.

  • The primary protective feature is of course the drop prevention that’s inherent to being able to wear the tablet.
  • While using the GoPad during vigorous activity, tablet protection is maximized by using the included GoBelt accessory.
  • The folded swingarm forms an aluminum cage that extends past all sides of the tablet.
  • The folded swingarm provides a secure handhold for using the touchscreen.

How much does it cost?

The retail price for the current stock of GoPads is AU$180.00, plus GST (quantity discounts available).

How does the GoBelt accessory work?

The elastic GoBelt belt is unspooled from storage on the swingarm. This firmly secures the GoPad to your torso so wearing it feels like wearing a buttoned shirt.

This mode enables the tablet to be carried comfortably during vigorous work or play yet it’s instantly available for hands-free use.

How does the swingarm mechanism work?

The GoPad swingarm can be quickly and easily locked into any of its four operational positions. To actuate the mechanism, you simply pull out on the spring-loaded arms to release two rotational locks. Gravity causes the tablet to swing so you can simply release the arms to re-lock the tablet as it reaches the desired position.

Industry Specific Examples

GoPad is a must have accessory for anyone that needs to undertake site reviews and record details, such as with tools like Plot & Audit.
Doctors working on hospital wards have reported that wearing a GoPad enabled them to access digital patient records more efficiently than when carrying their tablet by hand. Wheelchair-bound and bed-ridden patients have also benefitted from using a GoPad to hold their tablet.
Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Building Inspectors and various trades workers have benefited from using GoPads on jobsites. As tablets become more prevalent in manufacturing, GoPad’s hands-free wearability will enable new shop floor applications for tablets.

GoPads are being used in several warehousing and logistics facilities where workers can now easily switch between administrative tasks on their tablet and physical tasks handling material.

Applications include managing operations in a timber yard and managing overnight shelf restocking in a Big Box store.

Several University lecturers are using GoPads to enable them to wander about their lecture hall while controlling its data projector / electronic whiteboard. Other public speakers have used it for displaying notes and a music teacher uses one to display musical scores while conducting choir practice. Several sports coaches have used them as an electronic clipboard, both behind the bench and out on the field.
Service Industries
Restaurant workers, municipal workers, door to door sales people, building maintenance workers and security workers have all purchased first generation GoPads. A multi-national bank is experimenting with using them to help serve customers as they wait in line as well as for soliciting enrolment into credit card and loyalty plans.
Sales and marketing
Real Estate Agents are using GoPads for displaying online information to prospective buyers during house tours as well as to gather information for listing new properties. Several Marketers in Europe are using GoPads to carry out promotional campaigns in shopping malls and bars.
GoPad commuters report that whether they are web surfing while standing at a bus stop or catching up on email while riding to work, wearing a large touchscreen gives them a more comfortable and productive commuting experience than when using either a smartphone or a laptop.
ID Card Scanning
Universities and construction sites requiring the scanning of credentials such as with QR2id can benefit greatly by using GoPad. Not only does it reduce fatigue, but it makes the whole process far more efficient.